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Working systemically is - above all - multifaceted!

Basically, the goal of all systemic work is to see problems and so-called 'symptoms' as an invitation for change and growth and to look for new solutions that make things easier and thus allow for a more balanced life.

While in the field of systemic coaching we primarily focus on questions regarding your career and professional life, the boundaries between counseling and therapy are particularly fluid. Changes never occur in a straight line. Sometimes we need to take a step forward, sometimes a look at where we came from and sometimes a reflection of where we're at. What change you want to approach, how you want to get there and at what pace is always up to you. It is my job to provide the impulses that support your journey.

Systemic Counselling

mastering your daily life again

Systemic Coaching

exploring visions for your career

Systemic Therapy

exploring your own story...and how to keep writing it

Couples Counselling

leading nourishing relationships