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What I am here for...

Working systemically is about meeting my clients at eye level within whatever context they are in. For me, this means that I always aim to reflect on (internalized) social power relations and to be sensitive to experiences of discrimination. I see myself as a continuous learner and view my clients as the experts for their own lives, feelings and experiences.

Self-determination and recognition of different identities and life plans are ground pillars of my work. I want to support my clients in leading a life in accordance with their own needs and desires. This also means creating strengthening relationships in both private and professional contexts, so that caring for the self can also become caring for the community.

In my work as a systemic consultant, coach and therapist, a special focus lies on the support and empowerment of women, lesbians, trans* people and people from the queer community.

How I got here...

As a studied cultural scientist, I have been most curious about how interpersonal relationships can be shaped that recognize and appreciate differences and diversity. As a systemic therapist, I always consider the shaping of individual relationships in the context of social processes and circumstances.

In my previous professional positions, I have devoted myself to this question, particularly in the area of ​​academic personnel development and the qualification of university lecturers: During my many years of work at the University of Potsdam, I designed and implemented training and consulting formats supporting teachers in their development process of creating and conducting a diversity-oriented, inclusive teaching design.

With my expertise in facilitating opening and change processes in complex systems such as universities, my interest in how people help shape these processes in their individual encounters grew. From this emerged a desire to guide people in their own processes of growth.

In 2018 I started my training at the Society for Systemic Counseling and Therapy Berlin (GST) as a systemic counselor and completed it in 2021 with a specialization in systemic individual, couples and family therapy. Above all, learning to create and maintain spaces with calmness and empathy in which people can come into deeper contact with themselves and those close to them, has been the greatest lesson of my training. At the core this means offering my clients a safe space for all emotions and inner contradictions.

In total, my professional experience and qualifications enable me to accompany my clients in their growth processes by providing a structure that focusses on solutions while acknowledging what's difficult and also holds space for complex emotions.

As a member of German Society for Systemic Therapy, Counseling and Family Therapy e.V. (DGSF) I comply with the association's ethical guidelines in my work as a systemic counseller, coach and therapist.

In order to ensure the quality of my work as a systemic counsellor and therapist, I regularly take part in intervision and supervision sessions and continuously educate myself on topics related to systemic therapy.